Highfield Stud, Wales – UK Summer 2000 Stud Tour

By Georgia Cheer. In the rolling countryside of western Wales, there is another breeder with whom I had a wonderful time getting to know. She is Susan Murphy, a humorous lady with a passion for animals. She has living on her 200 acre farm not only horses, and cows, but chickens, peacocks, numerous dogs and many cats too. I think Susan has a heart as big as Texas as she seems to rescue many creatures from fates undesired. They all thrive under her care.

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*Nizzam, Crabbet Arabian stallion

The Crabbet Influence in Dutch Arabian Breeding – Part 2: In Between Years

By Monique Lankhaar. In 1948 Dr. Houtappel imported the stallions Nizzam (Rissam x Nezma) who needs no introduction to American Crabbet breeders, and the The Chief (Riffal x Astrella, a full brother to Oran). He also imported the mares Sulka (Naseem x Nurschida), Tehoura (Radi x Niseyra) and Ziada (Fayal x Raxina). Nizzam and The Chief were both registered as bay, the mares Tehoura and Sulka were chestnuts and Ziada was a grey. Dr. Houtappel did not object against Skowronek, most of the horses he imported carried Skowronek’s blood in one or more lines. They were all used on Dr. Houtappel’s Rodania Stud for breeding.

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