Fadjur: The Story of a Breed Legend

By Arlene Magid. Anyone who was fortunate enough to see Fadjur in person never forgot him. He epitomized the Arabian breed both in appearance and temperament. His huge dark eyes, tiny muzzle, wedge-shaped head with large nostrils, extremely arched neck, and high-flung tail (no ginger needed!) drew admirers to him. More importantly, Fadjur was a good horse as well as a fine example of the breed, with great strength of loin and correct legs (two traits that can be lacking in today’s halter horses).

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Bill Munson (left) with Jimmie Dean at the 1983 Crabbet Symposium Denver, Colorado. Carolyn Hasbrook photo.

Bill Munson – An Interview by Jim Robbins

By Jim Robbins. Ask Bill Munson how he breeds horses at his Shalimar Ranch in Harrison, Nebraska, and the answer is one word: “Raffles.” The pedigrees on Bill’s horses read ‘*Raffles on *Raffles on *Raffles on *Raffles.’ He has been line-breeding horses with *Raffles blood at Shalimar since 1942. As a breeder, veterinarian, and the longest recorded Big ‘R’ judge in history, he is eminently qualified to begin the Historic Breeders series in the Crabbet Influence.

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