Sirella (UK)

Distinctly Crabbet: Sirella and Hanif

Shortly after he won the Supreme Male Championship at the Arab Show in 1962, *Silver Vanity 22555, was exported to America. It was a great los to England as much of the little stock he left behind was also exported. However, the year that *Silver Vanity left, a colt was born to Sirella who was to become an all-time favourite of breeders on both sides of the Atlantic – Hanif. Hanif was one of only two pure Crabbet stallions left by *Silver Vanity in the UK, the other being Rayyan out of Risseefa.

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Highfield Stud, Wales – UK Summer 2000 Stud Tour

By Georgia Cheer. In the rolling countryside of western Wales, there is another breeder with whom I had a wonderful time getting to know. She is Susan Murphy, a humorous lady with a passion for animals. She has living on her 200 acre farm not only horses, and cows, but chickens, peacocks, numerous dogs and many cats too. I think Susan has a heart as big as Texas as she seems to rescue many creatures from fates undesired. They all thrive under her care.

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Coed-y-foel Arabians, Wales – UK Summer 2000 Stud Tour

By Georgia Cheer. Diana Whittome does not breed pure Crabbet; instead her lines are predominantly Crabbet/Old English, with a dash of Polish, Egyptian or Russian. Her emphasis is to breed performance horses and she has done this exceedingly well. Diana is also a show judge, plus she holds several committee positions on the Arab Horse Society council. She writes articles for the AHS News and other publications and is delightfully entertaining and extremely knowledgeable on pedigrees.

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