Three Great Crabbet Sires: *Serafix, *Silver Vanity and *Raffles

By Georgia Cheer ** Originally published in the March 2000 issue of the Arabian Horse Times magazine, page 212. Have you ever wondered what is so special about the Crabbet Arabian? Could it be their wonderful dispositions, their tractable minds or tremendous athletic ability, their prepotence for passing these characteristics through several generations, or that […]

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1997 Idaho Arabian Breeders Country Classic Show

By Karen Paolo. Our recent move to Eastern Oregon, so far East in fact we are almost in Idaho, has given us a whole new world of horses to explore. We decided to venture to Caldwell, ID, and watch the Country Classic Show put on by the Idaho Arabian Breeders Association (IABA) on September 6 & 7, 1997. We arrived in time for the last of the IABA Halter Futurity classes. The three year old fillies were assembled outside waiting their turn to enter the arena when a very nice chestnut filly caught my eye and impressed me as the type of horse I like.

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Bill Munson (left) with Jimmie Dean at the 1983 Crabbet Symposium Denver, Colorado. Carolyn Hasbrook photo.

Bill Munson – An Interview by Jim Robbins

By Jim Robbins. Ask Bill Munson how he breeds horses at his Shalimar Ranch in Harrison, Nebraska, and the answer is one word: “Raffles.” The pedigrees on Bill’s horses read ‘*Raffles on *Raffles on *Raffles on *Raffles.’ He has been line-breeding horses with *Raffles blood at Shalimar since 1942. As a breeder, veterinarian, and the longest recorded Big ‘R’ judge in history, he is eminently qualified to begin the Historic Breeders series in the Crabbet Influence.

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