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By Arlene Magid

The story of *SERAFIX’s importation and subsequent success as a sire has often been told before. He sired 119 champions (43 41 of them National winners – corrected as per note in the following article by Arlene Magid about the sons of *SERAFIX) from his 257 registered foals, a champion percentage of 46%. Now, thirteen years after *SERAFIX’s death in 1973, it is time to examine the success of his grandget in the show ring and the breeding barn.

*SERAFIX daughters have long had a reputation as outstanding broodmares, and a study of the records shows that reputation is well-deserved and supported by statistics. There were 127 *SERAFIX daughters. Of these, 120 had produced at least one registered foal by 1985. 66 *SERAFIX daughters (55% of those who have had registered foals) have produced known champions through 1985. The champion-producing *SERAFIX daughters have produced a total of 156 champions, an average of 2.4 champions per mare. They have also produced a total of 41 National winners. They have crossed successfully with American, Polish, Russian, and Egyptian sires. *SERAFIX daughters have helped add to the laurels of such sires as *KARADJORDJE+++ (12 champions and one National winners), EL HILAL (6 champions, three of them National winners), FADJUR, BASK++ (10 champions, 5 National winners), NATEZ (4 champions), SOTEP, ABU BAHA, BRUK ABI (3 champions), *BLUE DANUBE++ (2 champions, one a National winner), AAHDIN++ (2 champions), continuing with PICASSO (2 champions), AL FATTAH, FASEROUF (5 champions, 2 National winners), KHEMOSABI+++ (18 champions, 5 National winners), DALUL (6 champions), *GWALIOR++ (2 champions, one a National winner), MISTER STORM+++ (a National winner), AL FAHIR (a multi-National champion), TORNADO, JURDINO++ (2 National winners), BEY SHAH+ (5 champions, 1 National winner), PAESANO (2 champions), RAFFON++ (a National winner), *ESSAUL (2 champions, 1 National winner), *NABORR (2 champions, 1 National winner), *ARAMUS++ (a Top Ten Mare), *PADRON (5 champions), GG JABASK (4 champions, 2 National winners), GAI PARADA+++, *SILVER VANITY, NABIEL+/, *ANSATA IBN HALIMA++, PRIVATEER (3 champions), K.J. JORDGEE BOY++ (2 champions), IBN MORAFIC+++, and *MUSCAT (a National winner), to name just a partial list. It is not an exaggeration to state that a number of today’s top ranked sires owe a large number of their champions to the excellence of *SERAFIX daughters as broodmares. It is also significant that a good number of the champions out of the *SERAFIX daughters are actually linebred to *SERAFIX. Double or triple *SERAFIX champions have been produced by *SERAFIX daughters when bred to *SERAFIX himself, and the *SERAFIX sons BAHRAIN, COUNSELOR++. GOLDEN FIX, SERACEN, ROYAL GOLD, and WITEZFIX++, as well as the *SERAFIX grandsons K.J. JORDGEE BOY++, G.G. JABASK, RATHKATEER++, PRIVATEER, SERJ++, and PICASSO.

Due to space limitations here, mention of all the champion producing *SERAFIX daughters and their champions by name of not possible.(Crabbet.com note: All authors are welcome to update articles with complete lists, if desired, as we have ample room on the website!) Thus, we must confine specific mention to mares with three or more champions or those who have produced National winners. (Mares with one or two champions may be found in the accompanying charts).

11 *SERAFIX daughters with one or two champions have produced National winners. SARAFINA (x FERDITHA by ABU FARWA) is the dam of 1980 U.S. Top Ten Futurity Stallion COPPERSIN (by SEYN RAFFON++). SERANADA (x GANADA by HANAD) is the dam of four time National winner PR FIREDANCER (by GEY IMAGE) who was three times U.S. Top Ten Western Pleasure. CHLOSINA (x CHLOEYN by *RASEYN) has produced two champions, one of whom is 1981 Canadian Top Ten Gelding and Pleasure Driving JURSEYNE++ (by JURDINO++). TISERA (x TIRAFFA by TIRAFF) is the dam of two champions including 1982 U.S. Top Ten Pleasure Driving and Informal Combination and 1984 Canadian Reserve National Champion Native Costume SERPICO+ (by FASEROUF). Her full sister SERAFFA produced 1983 U.S. Top Ten Western Pleasure JOTR THE EYECATCHER by FASEROUF. VIRGINIA BELLE++ (x SEDI SEDJUR, a full sister to BINT SAHARA), has produced two champions, including 1982 U.S. Top Ten Mare WN SOUTHERN BELLE by ARAMUS++. JALANA (x RALANA by RAHAJAH) has had two champions including 1984 U.S. Reserve National Champion Stallion G.G. JABASK (by *BASK++), SERELLA (x ELECTRA LU by *ELECTRIC STORM) is the dam of two champions by EL HILAL, including 1982 Canadian National Champion Futurity Mare V.P. MIRIAH. BINT CHIMENKA (x *CHIMENKA by CZORT) produced 1984 U.S. and Canadian Top Ten Gelding and Canadian Top Ten Western Pleasure CHIMEN (by *BASK++). MAJDI (x MARJURA by FADJUR) is the dam of 1983 U.S. National Champion Futurity Gelding G.A. ALI BEY (by GLORIETA ALI SUDAN). And, S.X. LA QUINTA (x COBAH by POMONA AHMEN) has had two champions, including 1982 U.S. Top Ten Futurity Stallion VAGUELY NOBLE (by *MUSCAT).

Immediately apparent from studying the foregoing group of mares id the diversity of bloodlines of their dams, as their dams vary from mostly Crabbet to predominately Davenport to pure Polish to a blend of all three bloodlines. This is typical of the champion producing *SERAFIX daughters. John Rogers accepted only approved mares to *SERAFIX’s harem – bloodlines were important, but individual quality and the ability to pass it on were even more important. John Rogers did not accept outside mares for a stud fee – he would lease them on an every-other-foal basis from their owners if they were good enough. *SERAFIX only stood at public stud from 1971 to his death in June 1973 after Rogers had dispersed his mare band at auction and *SERAFIX was put on lifetime lease with Murrel Lacy. Thus, aside from *SERAFIX’s own strong points as a sire, the mares to whom he was bred were hand-picked for their ability to cross with him.

Seven *SERAFIX daughters have produced three champions apiece. U.S. Reserve National Champion Mare SILVER DAWN (x *SILVER CRYSTAL by RANGOON) is the dam of three halter champions by three different sires: DAWNEY (by NATEZ), K.J. QUICKSILVER (by *KARADJORDJE+++), and SILVER CLOUD NA (by *ELKIN+++). GIGI (x NABIYA by ABU FARWA) produced three Legion of Merit winners, two of whom are National winners: 1970 U.S. Reserve National Champion Western Pleasure and 1974 Canadian National Champion Native Costume BAHADUR++ (by ABU BAHA), SERGI++ (by SOTEP), and 1973 U.S. Top Five Futurity Stallion SER RAFFON++ (by RAFFON++). CAROUSELLA (x *CALIOPE by WITRAZ) is the dam of three champions by FASEROUF as well as PICASSO, who has sires champions out of GIOIA (x SURIMA by SUREYN) is the dam of halter champion BA KENO (by KHEMOSABI+++), junior champion halter PADRONS PRIDE (by *PADRON) and his full sister 1984 Region 2 Reserve Champion Pleasure Driving and 1985 Region 2 and Pacific Slope Top Five Pleasure Driving PADRONS JOI. SERATELLA (x *MUSZ-KATELA by WITRAZ) is the dam of three champions by *SERAFIX grandsons: halter champion LORD BALTIMORE (by GG JABASK) and his full brother halter reserve champion RAINEY BASKMAN, and five time National winner REGAL AIRE (by RATHKATEER++), whose wins include Canadian Top Ten English Pleasure, Pleasure Driving and Informal Combination as well as U.S. Top Ten Pleasure Driving and Informal Combination. DARE (x VIRGINIA DARE++ by *SERAFIX) is the only double *SERAFIX daughter ever foaled, and her three champions are all by Gainey sires: halter champion DARE DEVIL (by GAI WARSAW), 1980 Region 6 Top Five Stallion GAI SUCCESS (by GAI PARADA+++), and halter champion LATOURA DARE (by GAI LATOUR). Multi U.S. Top Ten Mare ROYAL JEWEL++ (by *ROYAL SILVER by GRAND ROYAL) is the dam of Canadian Top Ten English Pleasure and twice U.S. Top Ten English Pleasure K.J. ROYAL EMERALD (by *KARADJORDJE+++) and of the halter champions SHAH BEY and N.V. JETTA BAY, both by BEY SHAH+.

Eight *SERAFIX daughters have produced four champions. STAR PRINCESS (x the desert-bred mare *THORAYYAH) is the dam of four champions: 1971 Canadian Breeders Top 6 Stallion SEAN LEPHRECAUN (by NATEZ) and three champions by BRUK-ABI: 1973 Region 8 Top Five Stallion and English Pleasure champion SHO-OM BRUKAFIX, regional champion SHO-OM SERBRUK, and 1980 Canadian National Champion Gelding and Region 10 Champion English Pleasure AOTR SHO-OM SERABRUK+++. GOLDEN DAWN (x TAFFNA by NATEZ) is the dam of champions in halter and performance: 1974 Pacific Slope Reserve Champion Formal Driving and 1973 Pacific Slope Top Five Park TAFDAN (by *BLUE DANUBE++), 1978 U.S. Top Ten Western Pleasure AOTR and 1980 Canadian Top Ten Sidesaddle GOLDANO (by PAESANO) and Western Pleasure Champion GOLDASSO and halter champion FIRST EDITION (by PICASSO). SPRING SONG (x RAHAIMA by NATEZ) produced champions by three different sires, two of them *SERAFIX grandsons. JYS ROYAL GUARD++ (by ROYAL BINIS) was 1975 U.S. Top Ten Pleasure Driving and 1974 Region 3 Reserve Champion Gelding and Park, among other wins. SJ MELIK (by SERJ++) is a performance champion. AMANDI (by K.J. JORDGEE BOY++) is a halter champion, and her full sister BABAA is a performance champion. U.S. Top Ten Western Pleasure SERINNE (x KORRINE) produced four champions, all of whom are National winners and champion producers. GWALIFIX++/ (by *GWALIOR++) was the 1972 U.S. National Champion Futurity Stallion. SERINASK (by *BASK++) had five National wins including U.S. National Champion Informal Combination and U.S. and Canadian National Champion Pleasure Driving. BASKAFIX (by *BASK++) is a 1979 U.S. Top Ten English Pleasure winner, and his full brother KORINASK is a 1982 Canadian Top Ten Park Horse. CERISE (x RASALEH by *RASEYN) is the dam of three National winners from her four champions. Her son DIXIE ROYAL BEAU (by ROYAL GOLD) is a performance champion. Her daughter BINT CERISE (by WITEZFIX++) is the 1978 U.S. Reserve National Champion English Pleasure AOTR. DIXIE BURLINGTON (by DIXIE FIREFLASH) has had four National wins: U.S. and Canadian Top Ten English and U.S. Top Ten Pleasure Driving and Informal Combination. Her most famous son is HIGH HOPES++ (by AL FAHIR), whose seven National wins include U.S. National Championships in Park, Formal Driving, and Formal Combination. SERALA (x *MUSZKATELA by WITRAZ) is the dam of four champions by the straight Egyptian DALUL: halter champions SER DAL and DAL WITRAZA, reserve champion halter and English Pleasure DAL WITRAZ, and 1975 Region 18 Reserve Champion Mare DALILAH. U.S. Reserve National Champion Pleasure Driving MAGIC GENII++ (by INDIAN GENII by NATEZ) has produced four champions by three different sires. Two are National winners. NV CASSANDRA (by *WERBOR++) is an English Pleasure champion. N.V. KAMELA (by *ESSAUL) has four National wins to date: U.S. Top Ten Park, twice U.S. Top Ten Park AOTR, and Canadian Reserve National Champion Formal Driving. N.V. SERENE (by BEY SHAH+) is a reserve champion at halter, and her full sister 1983 U.S. Top Ten Futurity Mare MYSTICAL BEY was BEY SHAH’s first National winner. MAGIC GENII’s full sister U.S. Reserve National Champion Mare S.X. GENII’s PRIDE++ is also the dam of four champions by three different sires. They are: reserve champion English Pleasure PRIDE’S CONTESSA (by *KARAJORDJE+++), 1982 Region 3 Champion Mare LILIQUE (by KHEMOSABI+++), halter champion LAFIQUE (by KHEMOSABI+++), and 1981 U.S. Top Ten Futurity Stallion and 1982 Region 3 Reserve Champion Stallion THE TOUCHSTONE (by *NABORR).

Three *SERAFIX daughters have produced five champions apiece. S.X. SURETTA (x SURODAH by SUROBDE) is the dam of five champions by two different *SERAFIX grandsons. By PRIVATEER she is the dam of halter reserve champion GG BINT SURETTA and 1984 Region 9 Top Five Gelding GG SURTEER. By G.G. JABASK she has produced 1985 U.S. National Champion Gelding GG BASKSUR, 1985 Canadian Top Ten Mare GG JABASKET, and halter champion McSUR JABASK. U.S. National Champion Mare CHLOETTE++ (x CHLOEYN by *RASEYN) has also produced five champions. Three of them are by *KARADJORDJE+++: halter champion JORDJETTE, halter reserve champion K.J. METSKA, and 1975 Pacific Slope Top Five Stallion and 1979 Pacific Slope Reserve Champion English Pleasure K.J. JORDGEE BOY++ (sire of two National Champions). Two of her champions are by EL HILAL: U.S. and Canadian Top Ten Mare LALETTE and U.S. Top Ten Mare and twice Canadian Top Ten Mare BINT CHLOETTE++. BLUE ANGEL (x RAHAIMA by NATEZ) was a full sister to SPRING SONG, the dam of four champions. Her champions are all by different sires. GOLDEN FIXSON (by GOLDEN FIX) is a performance champion, as is BLUEMONTIY (by MONTIY). SUNNY LA BLUE (by SUNNY ACRES BEAUREGARDE) is a halter and English Pleasure champion. BLUBASK (by *BASK++) is a 1982 Region 12 Top Five Park Horse. ANGELO STORM+++ (by MISTER STORM+++) has amassed 10 National wins including U.S. Reserve National Champion Formal Combination, and twice U.S. Top Ten Park.

Four *SERAFIX daughters have produced 6 champions apiece. SERAFILIA (x RULITHA by *SHAMADAN) produced champions by four different sires. Her champions are: 1972 and 1973 U.S. Top Ten English Pleasure AOTR CHOCOLATE SOLDIER++ (by *BLUE DANUBE++), regional halter champion K.J. SERAGEORGE, and 1975 Region 1 Top Five Park K.J. AREEMAH (both by *KARADJORDJE+++), performance champion SV SERA LEE (by COUNSELOR++), regional top five mare SV SERANI (by AL FATTAH), and halter champion BRU BET SERADRO (by E.W. LEANDRO). S.X. DAPHNE++ (x RALANA by RAHAJAH) has added to the champions sired by *BASK++, *ANSATA IBN HALIMA++, KHEMOSABI+++, and *PADRON. BINT KHEMO is a hlater and Western Pleasure champion and her full sister JASMINE MBF is a halter champion. Both are by KHEMOSABI+++. By *ANSATA IBN HALIMA++, S.X. DAPHNE++ has produced halter champion EXCLUSIVE MBF. BASK RHYTHM (by *BASK++) is a 1980 Region 17 Top Five Western Pleasure winner. *PADRON sired two of S.X. DAPHNE++’s champion: halter champion S.X. PADRON and 1982 Region Five Reserve Champion Stallion DAMASCUS MESSIAH. The third *SERAFIX daughter to produce six champions is SERAPHIMA (by GAVADRAFF by GAZON). She has had one champion by *KARADJORDJE+++ (19679 Region 8 Champion Stallion and Western Pleasure Champion KERAPHIX++) and five by KHEMOSABI+++: halter champions KHERESS, KHERAGEOUS, and KHWINTESSENCE, Region 10 Top Five Mare KHEMO SERA, and 1981 Canadian Reserve National Champion Pleasure Driving and U.S. Top Ten Pleasure Driving KHEMBERLEI.

The *SERAFIX daughter who has produced more champions than any other is U.S. Top Ten English Pleasure CARINOSA+/ (x *CALIOPE by WITRAZ – pictured at the top of page as the header/article photo). She is the dam of nine champions (six of them National winners!): one by TORNADO (English Pleasure and and Pleasure Driving Champion MARQUI), two by JURDINO++ (1975 U.S. Reserve National Champion English Pleasure CARIDINA and 1980 U.S. National Champion Working Cow Horse IBN JURDINO++) and six champions by KHEMOSABI+++. They are: Canadian National Champion Stallion and U.S. Reserve National Champion Futurity Stallion KHARI+++, U.S. Top Ten English Pleasure and Pleasure Driving KHARA MIA+, Canadian Top Ten Stallion KHARIBE+, U.S. and Canadian top Ten Western Pleasure KHARINOSA+/, halter champion KC, and 1985 Region 2 Top Five Stallion KHARDAN.

*SERAFIX has left an indelible mark on the breed, through his champions in the show ring in the 1960s and 1970s, and now through his grandget. In a future issue we will examine the show ring success achieved by offspring of *SERAFIX’s sons, whose influence is also considerable.

CHART 1: *Serafix daughters who have produced 1 known champion


CHART 2: *Serafix daughters who have produced 2 known champions

The Daughters of *Serafix

**All of the articles included in the re-launched Crabbet.com site from the original website, Georgia Cheer, Silver Monarch Publishing and The Crabbet Influence magazine are shared here with permission of Georgia Cheer given May 16, 2012.**

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  1. It was a wonderful trip down memory lane. I owned six of those above mentioned Serafix daughters including Nijmi, Bint Chimenka (photo), Sara De Washoe, Seratezara (photo), Jacenta, and my beloved Tyche (photo). That’s a very young me helping Tyche collect another championship. She won a bunch. In fact four of those six daughters were halter champions. Serafix had a magic in him I have never seen since. Thanks!!

    1. Don that is so awesome to think of having actually shared a part of your life with that many of his daughters! Amazing girls, each one, I am sure! Did you ever get to see *Serafix himself?

  2. Congratulations! I would like to receive all the published articles from now on.

    1. Glad you like it! And sorry there is no RSS feed, but certainly bookmark the site and check back often as articles are being added as rapidly as possible!

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