Fari II (Blue Domino x Farette)

Painswick Lodge Stud – Part II

By Emma Bennett. One of the nicest aspects of the Painswick Lodge Stud is that after the death of Margaret Murray in 1967, several members of her family continued to breed from her bloodlines: her daughter, Iona Bowring, from the families of Gleaming Gold and Farette; her son and daughter-in-law, Pat and Caroline Murray, through Fari II and Gleaming Gold; and her niece, the Countess Lewenhaupt, through Rifari in Sweden.

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Templars Stud, Lancashire – UK Summer 2000 Stud Tour

By Georgia Cheer. Regrettably, I was unable to view Rachelle Newnham and Keith Barnes horses at Templars Stud as a foal had been ill and it was feared that I might possibly tread a germ onto another farm so it was decided for me not to visit. However, Rachelle had sent me this list of horses as of last summer 2000 and pedigrees which I have posted on the site.

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Indian Magic: Wentworth Superhorse

By Arlene Magid. Lady Wentworth strove for decades to achieve what she considered to be the ultimate Arabian-a horse of type and extraordinary presence, with superb motion, and larger size to appeal to those for whom Arabians were a bit small. She bred her masterpiece in Indian Magic, foaled at Crabbet in 1944. He embodied the concept of the ‘Wentworth Superhorse’ and none who saw him could forget his dynamic qualities.

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