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Painswick Lodge Stud – Part II


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By Emma Bennett

** Originally published in January – February 1988 issue of the Crabbet Influence magazine.

One of the nicest aspects of the Painswick Lodge Stud is that after the death of Margaret Murray in 1967, several members of her family continued to breed from her bloodlines: her daughter, Iona Bowring, from the families of Gleaming Gold and Farette; her son and daughter-in-law, Pat and Caroline Murray, through Fari II (pictured above as the header/article photo) and Gleaming Gold; and her niece, the Countess Lewenhaupt, through Rifari in Sweden.

By far the most influential of these, in the UK anyway, is Caroline Murray’s Foxbury Stud, still located at Painswick Lodge in the heart of Gloucestershire. Caroline and Margaret Murray had bought Fari II together when he was a colt foal. He was by the great Blue Domino and out of Farette; the latter had been bred by Margaret Murray from Shabrette by her fine stallion Rifari (Faris x Risslina). Fari II was a gorgeous mahogany bay who inherited his outstanding movement from Rissla, to whom he carried three lines. He was a perfectly charming horse and, although he disliked being shown, he was Reserve National Champion Stallion in 1972.

Fari II Sires Show Winning Get

Fari II will be best remembered for his daughters, although his most famous offspring is a son, King Cotton Gold. King Cotton Gold was the first foal of Dreaming Gold (Blue Domino x Gleaming Gold). Dreaming Gold was already 8 when she produced King Cotton Gold, having refused the previous year to get in foal while away from home, so she had been covered by her half-brother, Fari II.

King Cotton Gold was a lovely foal and as a yearling he was judged Overall Male Champion at the National Arab Show. He is the sire of Midnight Gold (out of Enchantment), Reserve Junior Champion in 1979, and of Militaire, Reserve International Champion of 1980 (out of Aria, a daughter of Tarantella, who is the dam of the lovely Carillion, by King Cotton Gold, winner at the Arab Show in 1982).

Fari’s daughters bred at the Foxbury Stud include the full sisters Autumn Gold and Crystal Gold (out of Gleaming Gold), the former being the dam of Shimmering Gold (by Indian King), winner at the Arab Show in 1976. Shimmering Gold is the dam of Shimmering King (by King Cotton Gold), who won at the Arab Show as a yearling and was Reserve European Champion, Stockholm 1982. Crystal Gold, National Champion Foal 1971, is the dam of Golden Cavalier (by General Gold), who is the sire of Imad (x Ivory Wings) and the 1987 National Champion Foal (out of Ahluette). Fari II is also the sire of the full sisters Delina and Farania (out of Delilah). Delina is dam of the stallions Delanos (by Shah Gold) and El Daklan (by *El Shaklan 268260). Farania was 1st Ridden mares in Israel in 1981.

Fari II was also used on outside mares and is the sire of Baidaa (out of Baiyad), who is the dam of Reserve Junior Champion Jetsetter (by Nasib) and Bai Gazella (by the Gainey-bred Gai Gaspacho 143446).

Fari II’s son, Clearly Great (out of Clarity), a bay gelding, was Overall Ridden Champion in 1987, and Fari II’s daughter, Chantilla (x Enchantment), produced Bonanza (by the Polish stallion, Banat), who has been an incredible performance horse, winning in flat races and the Arab Horse Society Marathon, a grueling race of 26 1/4 miles.

Gleaming Gold’s Mare Line Successful Throughout the World

Gleaming Gold (Indian Gold x Risira) shown at age 19, winner Princess Muna Saddle of Honour and Veteran class
Gleaming Gold (Indian Gold x Risira) shown at age 19, winner of the Princess Muna Saddle of Honour and her Veteran class.

If Fari II was the dominant male line, Gleaming Gold was the most influential female line. Her daughter, Dreaming Gold, was a disappointment at stud for a quantity point of view, but she made up for that with quality. Along with the stunning King Cotton Gold, she had three other colts: Valiant Gold (by General Gold); Shah Gold, winner at the Northern Arab Show in 1979 (by the Babson stallion, The Shah 37900) abd the sire of Delanos and the lovely Hannah Gold (out of Golden Treasure); and Marania Gold (by the Irex son, Greatheart). Marania Gold sired Jazmir (out of Jazirah Sbeyel), winner of the International Stallion Class in 1983, and who is now a good ridden stallion. Marania Gold is also the sire of Rachincka, dam of the lovely full sisters, Razilka and Rashida (by the Canadian stallion, Rezolute Bay 204965).

Gleaming Gold’s second Blue Domino daughter, Golden Treasure, again did not breed many foals, but they included the lovely son of The Shah 37900, Indian Treasure, now in Tasmania. Indian Treasure is the sire of Shodina (ex Delilah), Champion Mare and Nations Cup Champion in 1983. Shodina’s most famous son is, no doubt, the superb General Gold (by General Grant), who was virtually unbeaten in the show ring, culminating in the National Stallion Championship in 1979. (Editor’s Note: General Gold (General Grant x Golden Treasure) was born prior to Shodina so this appears to be a typo, although it would be interesting to list her progeny.) He (General Gold) has proved himself a worthy sire. Included among his get are Golden Cavalier (out of Crystal Gold), Golden Samurai (out of Amaveda), Reserve National Champion in 1983 and sire of the Arab Show winner, Golden Scimitar (out of Blue Satin), and Dezert Gold (out of Sianah Gold), winner at the Arab Show in 1986.

Gleaming Gold had two daughters for Caroline Murray, Crystal Gold and Autumn Gold, both by Fari II. Autumn Gold was Reserve Champion Broodmare in 1978. Autumn Gold produced Shimmering Gold (by Indian King) and Autumn Golddust (by The Shah 37900). The latter is dam of Shaleika, 2nd place at the Paris Show in 1983 and 1984, and Shakarah, Reserve Junior Champion in 1986. Both of the latter fillies are by the internationally known Maleik El Kheil. Another Autumn Gold daughter, Sianah Gold (by the Courthouse stallion, St Simon), was Mare Champion at the Arab Show in 1987 and is the dam of Dezert Gold (by General Gold).

In 1983, Caroline Murray imported a stallion from Australia. He is Bremervale Emperor (Oxford Decimus x Bremervale Phaedra). He is a stallion of impeccable conformation and old English bloodlines. He is a dark liver chestnut with an exquisite head and marvelous action. His foals from the Foxbury mares have been quite outstanding, including Autumn Rose Gold (x Autumn Gold), 2nd to a daughter of Golden Samurai, as a yearling at the Arab Show, 3rd in Paris and 3rd European Championships in Holland. Bremervale Emperor has also sired the superb Golden Decimus (out of Shimmering Gold), champion foal at the Northern Arab Show in 1985.

Caroline and Pat Murray’s daughter, Fiona Murray, has founded the New Painswick Stud. Her stallion, Bravado, is by King Cotton Gold and out of Shindra. Bravado was Champion Stallion at the Arab Show in 1981 and won a Bronze Medal in 1982 at the Stockholm European Championships. Bravado is the sire of Amellia (out of Amorette), exported to Iraq. Amorette is also the dam of Amorina (by Shah Gold), whose foal by Bravado was Reserrve Champion in 1986.

Following family tradition, Fiona Murray acquired the Fari II daughter, Farenta (out of magenta), who has not only been a wonderful show mare, winning at the Arab Show in 1979 and 1983, but who is also the dam of Fianza (by the Spanish stallion, Procyon). Fianza was Reserve Junior/World Champion as a yearling at the Paris Arab Show 1984, standing above Shaleikah (x Autumn Gold Dust). Recently a great-great-great granddaughter of Rifari has joined the stud. She is Crystal Sheen (by Crystal Magician out of Silver Sheen), a winner at the Arab Show in 1986.

The bloodlines of Painswick Lodge Stud have also been carried on by Iona Bowring, Margaret Murray’s daughter. Her Chedglow Stud was never on a very large scale, but it has been very successful. The Polish mare Gazella (*Naborr 25472 x Gehenna) had two colts, Ringing Echo (by Ringing Gold) and Fazari (by Fari II). Iona Bowring had the great good fortune to acquire the lovely Crabbet mare, Silver Sheen (by Bright Shadow), and her dam, Silver Grey (Royal Diamond x Silver Gilt), and these mares joined the last foal that Margaret Murray  bred from Gleaming Gold, White Gold (by Rajmek, a son of Mikeno and Rajjela). White Gold was a successful show mare, including winning at the Arab Show in 1975. Her first foal by Bright Shadow, Burning Gold, was Reserve Champion Gelding as a yearling and went on to be a successful racehorse. White Gold is also the dam of Fire Gold (by Fari II) and Shahbanou (by The Shah 37900). Fire Gold is the dam of Golden Eclipse (by General Gold), winner at the Arab Show in 1982 and 1985.

Silver Sheen nicked well with the Painswick breeding. She had three daughters by Fari II, including Silver Shimmer, Female Champion at the Northern Show in 1974, the same year King Cotton Gold was Male Champion, a unique double for Fari II. Silver Shimmer was exported to Australia and is the dam of the lovely Silver Starlet (by Indian Star, a great-grandson of Risira). Silver Starlet has a beautiful daughter, Silver Sylph, by General Gold. Silver Sheen’s daughter, Silver Shade, was exported to Brazil, having won the Foal Championship in 1974. Silver Sheen is also the dam of Silver Sword, by Ringing Gold.

Silver Grey had a daughter by Fari II, Autumn Silver, who has proved a good broodmare. Silver Grey also had a daughter by General Gold, Shimmering Silver, who sadly died when she was young, but her son, *Prince Silverr 267288, by King Cotton Gold, is now in Canada.

Farosa, winner of the Princess Muna Saddle of Honour 1984. Sweet photo.
Farosa, winner of the Princess Muna Saddle of Honour 1984. Sweet photo.

These mares were later joined by Royal Destiny (Ringing Gold x Risanira), Farosa (General Dorsaz x Farette), and the latter’s daughter, Faranta (by Manto), and also by the young stallion, Crystal Magician (Crystal King x Sheer Magic), whose dam was a granddaughter of Shifari (Rifari x Shabryeh). Farette was, of course, also by Rifari and this doubling up was highly successful in the full sisters Spey Crystal (Crystal Magician x Farosa), who was Junior Female Champion in 1985, and Crystal Farifi, whose daughter, Fazleta (by Gai Gaspacho), was Junior Female Champion in 1987. Farosa, with her Crystal Magician family, won the Princess Muna Saddle of Honour in 1984. Althought the Chedglow Stud has by necessity been greatly reduced in size, Silver Sheen and her daughters, including Silver Sheba (by Fari II) and Crystal Farifi (by Crystal Magician), carry on the old Painswick blood.

Fazleta by Gai Gaspacho, winner 1987 Junior Female Champion at Ascot. Sweet photo.
Fazleta by Gai Gaspacho, winner 1987 Junior Female Champion at Ascot. Sweet photo.

This is not the end of the family connections. In 1959 Margaret Murray’s niece, Penny Molteno, married the Count Lewenhaupt and moved to Sweden. She took with her a colt she had bred by Rifari; this was Kariba, out of Moraea, by Irex. Kariba was only the second Arab stallion seen in Sweden and he became a legend; he was really the start of all Arab breeding in the country. He lived to age 28 and sired some very good Arabs and riding ponies. In 1961, Penny Lewenhaupt bought a yearling filly from her aunt; this was Farissla, by *Count Orlando 18313 out of Farette. She was covered by Indian Magic as a two-year-old and traveled to Sweden where she had a colt, Magic Flame. Farissla was the dam of three daughters who formed the foundation of the Cleasthrop Stud. The first, Fana, was by Kariba; she produced a whole line of colts before producing her twin fillies to Kapron (Aswan x Carolina) at the age of 21 in 1986. Her half-sister, Flamenca, is by Dardir (*Naborr 25472 x Darda) and she has founded a dynasty. This year (1988) will see the birth of the fifth generation of her family. She has nicked best with the Egyptian/Polish stallion, Zareef (Shaker El Masri x Zbroja). Three of her offspring by him have been exported to the USA and Brazil. Another, Zambia, is being retained by Penny Lewenhaupt at Claesthorp as a broodmare. She was the winner at the Nations Cup, Aachen, Germany in 1984. Flamenca’s granddaughter, also by Zareef, is Fantasia. She has twice been Champion of Finland and in 1987 her daughter was Reserve Champion to her at the Finnish Show. The third daughter is Fiorella, by Genaro 57536 (Ferdine 12982 x HMR Farlanny 28991) who, although only 14, has produced nine foals of which eight have been exported to countries all around the world.

Farissla (Count Orlando x Farette) foundation mare of Claesthrop Stud, Sweden.
Farissla (Count Orlando x Farette) foundation mare of Claesthrop Stud, Sweden.

It was not only family members who benefited from Painswick Lodge Stud. Fred and Joice Smith have had great success at their Impney Stud using these bloodlines. Starting with part-bred Arabs in 1964, Joice Smith got the chance to buy the purebred mare she had always dreamed about. She heard of a mare near her who was for sale. She was 12 years old, had never been bred, and had not been handled for a long time, but when Joice Smith saw her trotting around the paddock she was enchanted by her. The mare was Risanira, bred by Margaret Murray. She was sired by Manasseh (the sire of Dargee), and out of Rissalira, who was out of Risira, a daughter of Margaret Murray’s foundation mare, Risslina. Risanira became the foundation mare of the Impney Stud. Looking for a suitable stallion for the new stud, the Smiths visited Painswick Lodge where they saw the magnificent Gleaming Gold, so when they got the chance of leasing a son of hers, they jumped at it. The stallion was the lovely Ringing Gold who left some good stock before being exported to Australia. Included among his get were Silver Sword (out of Silver Sheen), Crown Dynasty (out of Incoronetta), and Ringing Echo (out of Gazella).

Risanira produced five daughters. The first was by K of K (Kasimdar x Kalfa); her name was Kisska and she bought unseen by a South African lady. Kisska shared her sea passage out to South Africa with a prize Hereford bull and was feted on her arrival at Durban.

Risanina (Ringing Gold x Risanira) winner of the yearling filly class at the Arab Show
Risanina (Ringing Gold x Risanira) winner of the yearling filly class at the Arab Show

Risanira’s second daughter was Sapphire Blue, by Blue Domino. Sapphire Blue has proved an excellent broodmare for Mr. and Mrs. Theobald’s Yeld Bank Stud in England. She is the dam of the very pretty Holly Blue, by *Argos (*Naborr x Arfa).

Risanira’s next three daughters were all by Ringing Gold, making them double Risira; they are Royal Destiny, Royal Serenity, and Risanina. Royal Destiny is the dam  of the lovely grey mare, Star of Destiny (by *Grojec 169171), and Pearl of Destiny (by Midnight Gold, a son of King Cotton Gold, who was a good prizewinner as a yearling). Risanira died shortly after the birth of Risanina, but the little filly survived, being fed from a basin and suckling from a visiting mare when she was turned out. She grew so well that the next year she won the yearling filly class at the Arab Show. Risanina is the dam of Risanita (by Crystal King), whose daughter, Rissalita (by Magnifico, a son of Mikeno and Magnindra), scored an amazing double for the Impney Stud at the Northern Arab Show when she was Mare Champion with Star of Destiny being Reserve Champion.

Last, but certainly not least, of the stud’s greatly influenced by Margaret Murray’s bloodlines is Rosemary Archer’s Worth Stud, located at the old cricket park at Crabbet. Rosemary Archer had bought a filly from the Hanstead Stud, Sharona, by Rissalix and out of Samsie. Rissalix was standing at the Hanstead Stud and was just beginning to make a name for himself. Lady Wentworth wished to acquire some of his breeding. She, therefore, asked Rosemary Archer if she would sell Sharona. Although initially not keen, Mrs. Archer agreed to exchange her for the two mares Nueyma (Faris x Nurschida) and Risseefa (Faris x Risira). Risseefa had been bred by Margaret Murray and sold to Lady Wentworth. Perhaps the best thing of all was that with Risseefa came the promise from Lady Wentworth of services to the Crabbet stallions and for any help she could give.

Risseefa bred ten foals for Rosemary Archer. Several were exported. Rissada (by Bright Shadow) was the dam of Shakra, who went to Holland, and Sudeir, who was the sire of Susannah, one of the early mares of The Horsey Island Stud located off the coast of England.

Risseefa had a colt and two fillies by the lovely *Silver Vanity 22555. Rayyan, who is still alive, is the sire of the outstanding riding mare Bright Dancer (out of Bright Dawn), Overall Ridden Champion in 1985 at Ascot and the Best Mare or Gelding under Saddle at the European Championships at Leiden that year. Rasana is the dam of Sarana, exported to New Zealand, and Schima, who joined Sapphire Blue at the Yeld Bank Stud. Risseefa’s most famous *Silver Vanity daughter, however, is Silver Ripple, now 27. She is as beautiful as ever and still living with her family at the Worth Stud.

Fana with twin filly foals by Kapron (by Aswan). AHSnews photo.
Fana with twin filly foals by Kapron (by Aswan). AHSnews photo.

Silver Ripple’s first foal, Silver Charm, was by Indian Magic. Silver Charm’s daughter, Charming Shadow (by Bright Shadow), is the 2nd dam of the striking young stallion, Mareschal (by Militaire, another son of King Cotton Gold). Rajeyd, Silver Ripple’s son by Ludo, remained in England and he is the sire of Silver Gauntlet, whose son Silver Cascade was prominent in the show wing this year. Silver Charm’s full brother, *Indian Vanity 60297, was sold to Canada. Silver Ripple’s most famous son in England is National Champion Silver Flame, by Indian Flame II (Indian Magic x out of Nerinor). Mrs. Archer at one time owned Indian Flame II in partnership with Monica Calvert of the Harwood Stud. Silver Flame has sired some good stock including Azeme Bint Gleam (out of Bright Gleam), dam of the promising young stallion, Aboud (sired by Diamond Star, a son of Indian Star who is a full brother to Indian Flame II). Silver Flame is also the sire of Golden Flambeau who competes successfully in open dressage competitions. Golden Flambeau’s full sister, Flambelle (both out of Masque), is the dam of the lovely filly Flaminta (by Spearmint). Rosemary Archer also has the lovely Indian Flame II daughter, Princess Alia, who is the dam of Prince Saraph (by Samson). Prince Saraph sired the full brothers, *Seffer 318071 and *Sa Ika 247096, both out of Sa ‘Lilah, a Silver Flame daughter out of Sunset. *Seffer and *Sa Ika, who are double Indian Flame II, have won numerous championships in the U.S. in halter and in English Pleasure. Mrs. Archer has recently reintroduced more ‘Murray’ blood using General Gold on Princess Alia to produce the lovely mare, Princess Gaila.

Silver Ripple’s other daughters include Rissetta, by Manto, Rippling Blue by Grotto (dam of the race winning Rippling Amber) and Silvern Dream (by the old Crabbet stallion, Silvadoris, a son of Oran and Silver Magic). Silvern Dream is the dam of the two lovely colts, Silvern Idyll (by Masjid, a son of Bright Shadow and Naxindra), already siring excellent foals, including the Reserve Champion Foal in 1987, and Silvern Glimmer, by Bright Crown (Bright Shadow x Crowning Glory). Silvern Dream has had two other foals by Masjid, a colt who has been exported to Australia and, at last, a filly.

One of Silver Ripple’s other offspring, *Silvern Magic 244455 (by Silvadoris) is in the U.S.A. and the other, *Raseef 267250 (by Kasadi, another Indian Flame II grandson) is in Canada and was a winner at Scottsdale in 1986 in English Pleasure. It is interesting to note that when Arab racing tables were compiled in 1985, Silver Ripple was the leading granddam of winners.

These are only a few of the major studs who have used the bloodlines of Margaret Murray with such success. There are many other studs in the U.K., large and small, who have had equal success with the bloodlines, but space does not allow them all to be mentioned.

Acknowledgements – 
Mrs. Caroline Murray
Mrs. Iona Bowring
Mrs. Rosemary Archer
The Arab Horse Society News

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