Ohadi Ben Rabba

Ben Rabba Photo Essay: Sons, Daughters, Grandsons and Granddaughters


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** Originally printed in the 1999 Stallion Issue of the Crabbet Influence in Arabians Today magazine.

Horses shown in the first page of photos:

  • MA Aurabella, daughter, with foal (#1)
  • TF Silver Rose, granddaughter (#2)
  • Rabbina, daughter, with foal (#3)
  • Ben Rocky, son (#4)
  • Olana Rabba, granddaughter (#5)
  • Ohadi Indian Fire, grandson (#6)
  • Robby, son (#7)
  • CR Monarchs Memory, granddaughter (#8)

Ben Rabba Photo Essay sons, daughters, grandsons, granddaughters

Horses shown in the second page of photos:

  • Rabbiana, daughter (#10)
  • Absalon, grandson (#11)
  • Silver Aura, daughter, with foal (#12)
  • Aureme, granddaughter (#13)
  • Ohadi Ben Rabba, son (#14) – (pictured at top of page as the header/article photo)
  • Kiss Me Pico, daughter (#15)

Ben Rabba Photo Essay sons, daughters, grandsons, granddaughters

Last Updated: September 16th, 2019

** All of the articles included in the re-launched Crabbet.com site from the original website, Georgia Cheer, Silver Monarch publishing, and The Crabbet Influence magazine are shared here with permission of Georgia Cheer given May 16, 2012. **

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