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*Count Dorsaz

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By Arlene Magid

** Originally published in the July – August 1989 issue of the Crabbet Influence magazine.

The story of *COUNT DORSAZ and his descendants is one ideally suited to the writing of an entire book, rather than just an article. It is a tale of international success, as his descendants appear in pedigrees all over the world. His influence on the breed in America is a combination of chance circumstances: the exchange of breeding stock between the Crabbet and Hanstead studs, the sudden demise of Miss Gladys Yule shortly after the death of Lady Wentworth, and the foresight of the American breeder Bazy Tankersley in acquiring the cream of Crabbet and Hanstead horses, only available due to the high death duties on the estates of Lady Wentworth and Miss Yule.

*COUNT DORSAZ was foaled in 1945, bred by Lady Yule of Hanstead. He is considered to be of all Crabbet breeding. His sire RISSALIX, bred by Lady Wentworth, has been described by Rosemary Archer in The Crabbet Stud: Its History and Infuence as “one of the very few horses that Lady Wentworth regretted having sold. She was offered him back by Lady Yule during the war but could not take him as by then there were already too many colts and stallions at Crabbet.” The interchange of breeding stock ceased just after the war, the apparent cause being Lady Wentworth’s refusal to sell INDIAN MAGIC’s full brother to Lady Yule, and the latter’s refusal to sell ORAN to Lady Wentworth (who later obtained him by having someone else buy him first). Thus, *COUNT DORSAZ was one of the last horses resulting from the cooperation of Lady Wentworth and Lady Yule.

RISSALIX was by FARIS out of RISSLA and was thus a grandson of both *NUREDDIN II and *BERK (the latter noted for the action displayed by his descendants). RISSLA is also noted as the dam of *RIFALA, who produced *RAFFLES, RIFAGE, and IMAGE, all sires of American National Champions and Reserves in halter. Four RISSALIX daughters were imported to America: *RISSALIRA, *THORAYYA, *ZULIMA, and *KABARA (a full sister to *COUNT DORSAZ). The latter three all produced National winners. *THORAYYA, imported by Bazy Tankersley in 1957, produced 3 champions: halter and park reserve champion *THORA GRANT, park champion and National winner producer AL-MARAH SOLA MIA (by *COUNT DORSAZ and thus double RISSALIX), and 1975 U.S. Reserve National Champion Western Pleasure AL-MARAH COUNTESS MINE++ (also by *COUNT DORSAZ). *ZULIMA, also imported by Bazy Tankersley, is the dam of 1967 Canadian Top Ten Stallion AL-MARAH GABLE++ and champion producer AL-MARAH DAME ZAZU. The other RISSALIX son imported to America was *RANIX, who was also used by Bazy Tankersley. He sired 3 National winners including U.S. National Champion Formal Combination and Top Ten Park AL-MARAH CANADIUS++/ (sire of U.S. National Champion Mare TJS GEORGIE GIRL and U.S. National Champion English Pleasure CANADIAN LOVE+). In Britain, RISSALIX had a major influence through two sons. MIKENO (x NAMILLA) was named 1955 and 1960 British Reserve National Champion Stallion and 1961 British National Champion Stallion. He is the sire of British National Champion Stallions RAJMEK and EL MELUK. RISSALIX’s son BLUE DOMINO (x NISEYRA) sired 9 British National Champions and U.S. Top Ten Park *BLUE MANTLE.

*COUNT DORSAZ was out of SHAMNAR. Her sire NAZIRI was a full brother to NASEEM and was considered to be an even better individual. Due to World War II he had very limited opportunities at stud. His sire line today is chiefly found through BURKAN (grandsire of the lovely World Champion Stallion *CAMARGUE). SHAMNAR’s dam RAZINA was a linebred RODANIA mare by RASIM out of RIYALA. SHAMNAR’s daughters include PALE SHADOW (dam of National winner producer BRIGHT SHADOW). Another daughter, *SALINAS, produced 4 champions including U.S. Top Ten Geldings C’EST LA VIE++ and SHALIMAR SALIGAR. *SALINAS was also dam of *BLUE SAL, dam of 6 champions, and YATEEMAH, third dam of U.S. and Canadian National Champion Stallion *PADRON. Both *BLUE SAL and YATEEMAH are by BLUE DOMINO and are thus 50% blood siblings to *COUNT DORSAZ. SHAMNAR also produced *COUNT DORSAZ’s full sister, *KABARA, dam of 3 champions: western pleasure reserve champion AL-MARAH LITTLE ENID, 1976 U.S. National Champion Pleasure Driving IBN SILVER GHOST, and 1967 U.S. Top Ten Pleasure Driving, Formal Driving and Formal Combination *LITTLE OWL. Her daughter AL-MARAH ELAINIE is the dam of 3 champions including 1980 U.S. Top Ten Futurity Mare DALSANDRA. *KABARA’s son KAMI (who remained in England) sired *SNOWFIRE, dam of 6 American champions.

*COUNT DORSAZ was successfully shown in England, twice winning the Winston Churchill Cup at the White City show for supreme riding horse. It is interesting to note that in order to win these trophies a horse is ridden by both its designated rider and then by the judge of the competition in order to render a final decision.

*COUNT DORSAZ’s importation into America might well never have occurred had his owner, Miss Gladys Yule of the Hanstead Stud, not passed away suddenly in 1957 shortly after the death of Lady Wentworth of Crabbet. Her horses were inherited by Miss Patricia Wolf who, like Cecil Covey (the heir of the Crabbet herd), found it necessary to sell off many of the horses to pay death duties on the estate. She did keep *COUNT DORSAZ for a year and then in 1959 leased him to Bazy Tankerlsey, who later purchased him outright.

*COUNT DORSAZ left 26 get foaled in England (see accompanying list below). Several were exported CORREZE went to South Africa. COUNT MANILLA went to Australia (where he sired Canadian Top Ten Stallion, English Pleasure and Western Pleasure *RALVON SUNDOWNER++, who was imported to America as a yearling). Five *COUNT DORSAZ get were imported to America. Of these, two were imported by Robert Am Ende of Connecticut. The first, *GOLDEN HAZE (x SHALLUFAH), was imported in 1960. She is the dam of halter champion and champion producer AL ‘AZIZAT ORLANDO (a double *COUNT DORSAZ grandson). Her imported daughter *GOLDEN ZEHARIF (by RIFARI) produced 1980 Canadian Top Ten Formal Combination and Park AOTR AL ‘AZIZAT ZAMAL, sired by her son AL ‘AZIZAT KAMAAL; AL ‘AZIZAT ZAMAL is triple *COUNT DORSAZ. Mr Am Ende also imported the stallion *COUNT ORLANDO (x UMATELLA) in 1961. He sired champions including 1986 Region 16 Reserve Champion Trail and Native Costume (at age 18!) AL ‘AZIZAT ASTRAN+. *COUNT ORLANDO’s sons AL ‘AZIZAT KAMAAL and AL ‘AZIZAT ANITEZ (sire of 1982 U.S. Top Ten Western Pleasure AOTR STONEHEDGE ROYAL+) both sired National winners. Some of COUNT ORLANDO’s English get were also imported to America: the stallion *THE COUNT OF AL-MARAH (a 1966 Pacific Northwest Top Five Stallion), and the mares *DRAGONESSE, *LUCRETIA, and *MICHELIA (the latter is the dam of 3 National winners including U.S. National Champion Western Pleasure *LEWISFIELD MAGIC+/).


  • CORREZE (x Namilla)¬†1950 chestnut mare, exported to South Africa 1955
  • *COUNT ORLANDO 18313 (x Umatella) 1951 chestnut stallion, exported to America 1961
  • COUNT MANILLA (x Namilla) 1952 chestnut stallion, exported to Australia 1957
  • AZELLA (x Umatella) 1952 chestnut mare
  • COUNTESS NINA (x Namilla) 1953 chestnut mare
  • ZAHRINA (x Zahra) 1953 chestnut mare
  • COUNT RAPELLO (x Rafeena) 1954 chestnut stallion
  • SAMSON (x Samsie) 1954 bay stallion
  • *GOLDEN HAZE 16214 (x Shallufah) 1954 chestnut mare, exported to America 1960
  • LAKE (x Indian Glory) 1954 chestnut mare
  • *PRINCESS ZIA 34986 (x Queen Zenobia) 1964 chestnut mare, exported to America 1965
  • RAZMAK (x Mehra) 1954 bay stallion
  • LADY BRAY (x Astreelia) 1955 chestnut mare
  • *NADEYRIA 12907 (*Radeyra) 1955 chestnut mare, exported to America 1958
  • PERLE D’OR (x Garance) 1956 grey mare
  • ROXANTA (x Berlanta) 1956 chestnut mare
  • ALZEHRA (x Zehraa) 1957 chestnut mare
  • COUNT ROLAND (x Rithyana) 1957 chestnut stallion
  • MAGIC DREAM (x Royal Exchange) 1957 chestnut mare
  • OREDAN (x Rediaa) 1957 chestnut stallion
  • COUNT AMBRINO (x Ambria) 1958 chestnut stallion
  • *DORSEEMA 22549 (x Reema) 1958 chestnut mare, exported to America 1962
  • ELVA (x Oliviera) 1958 chestnut mare
  • RAZARA (x Berlanta) 1958 chestnut mare
  • QUAI D’ORSAY (x Susquehanna) 1959 chestnut stallion
  • SURRAGUL BEY (x Nuhajjela) 1959 chestnut stallion

Bazy Tankersley imported two *COUNT DORSAZ daughters. The first, *NADEYRIA (x *RADEYRA) was imported as a two year old in 1957. She was a halter and English pleasure champion, and the dam of 3 champions: halter reserve champion AMYR COUNT RADAMES, halter champion AMYR GRANDEYR, and reserve junior halter champion AMYR INDIRA. She also had three offspring who have produced champions, and her daughter AMYR FA DEYRIA is the dam of two mares who have produced 4 champions each.

The other *COUNT DORSAZ daughter imported by Bazy Tankersley was 1955 British National Champion Mare *PRINCESS ZIA, who won her title as a yearling. She was imported in 1965. She did not produce any American-bred foals, but two of her three imported sons were National winners and all three sired National winners. Her son *PRINCE ZAIM, a 1967 U.S. Top ten English Pleasure winner, sired 1975 U.S. Top Ten Formal Driving QUEEN MARGARETTA++ (dam of 2 National winners). *PRINCE ZAIM was exported to Mexico in 1973. *PRINCESS ZIA’s son *BLUE MANTLE (by BLUE DOMINO and thus double RISSALIX) was a 1968 U.S. Top Ten Park winner and sired 1970 U.S. Top ten Western Pleasure BLUE DOMINIC and BLUE BIERKA, dam of 6 champions. *PRINCESS ZIA’s son *ROYAL DOMINION sired 4 National winners, all bred by Bazy Tankersley: U.S. Top Ten mare and English Pleasure ROYAL CHITCHAT++, U.S. Top Ten Western Pleasure AOTR AL-MARAH ROYAL CONCHA, U.S. Top Ten Stock AL-MARAH ROYAL FOE, and U.S. Top Ten Futurity Cutting Al-MARAH ROYAL TOAST.

The final *COUNT DORSAZ daughter to be imported was *DORSEEMA (x REEMA), imported by Rodney Tetrault of Indiana in 1962. Like *PRINCESS ZIA, she did not produce and American-bred foals, although her daughter *BINT DORSEEMA (by GENERAL GRANT), imported at her side, was a champion producer.

A number of *COUNT DORSAZ get who remained in England had fine show and production records. His daughter AZELLA (a full sister to *COUNT ORLANDO) produced 1961 British Reserve National Champion Stallion GENERAL DORSAZ (sire of 1988 British Reserve National Champion Mare FAROSA). His daughter COUNTESS NINA is the dam of Canadian halter champion *COUNTESS NINETTE. His son COUNT RAPELLO (x RAFEENA) sired 1972 British National Champion Mare GHAZALI (herself a National Champion producer). His son SAMSON (x SAMSIE) was named the 1957 British Junior Champion Male. His daughter PERLE D’OR (x GARANCE) produced halter and English pleasure champion and park reserve champion *SILVER PEARL (by *SILVER VANITY), *PHAROS (by ARGOS), sire of 1978 U.S. Reserve National Champion Stock PHARALEN, and the imports *INDIAN TAJ AZIZ (by INDIAN KING) and *BLUE GOLD (by BLUE GROTTO, a 3/4 brother to *COUNT DORSAZ), the latter imported by Bazy Tankersley.

In America, *COUNT DORSAZ immediately became a key sire in the Al-Marah breeding program, crossing superbly with the daughters of the Al-Marah foundation sire INDRAFF. The blend thus produced was later termed ‘Double R’ – defined as RISSALIX plus *RAFFLES and/or *RASEYN breeding. (Later the RISSALIX son *RANIX was also used to give an additional line to this blood.) *COUNT DORSAZ sired 162 American-born foals. 53 of his get were named champions in America (a champion percentage of 33%). Of his 53 American champions, 15 are National winners (a percentage of 28 percent). *COUNT DORSAZ has the distinction of being the only stallion imported from England to sire both a U.S. National Champion Stallion and a U.S. National Champion Park Horse. He crossed well with the *RAFFLES granddaughters at Al-Marah, but also with the mares of the Tankersley importation of 1957-1958 from England (seven of his champions were out of these mares), with daughters of the Babson-bred ZAB (two of his National winners were of this cross), and with American-bred mares like FAWZIA (who produced National Champion producer COUNTESS FAWZIA with *COUNT DORSAZ).

*COUNT DORSAZ’s 15 National winners include six in halter. They are: 1970 Canadian Top Ten Stallion AL-MARAH RAHCOUNT (x AL-MARAH ALEXANDRETTA by INDRAFF), 1967 U.S. National Champion Stallion and English pleasure champion COUNT BAZY++ (the INDRAFF daughter AL-MARAH RAGTIME), 1963 U.S. Top Ten Mare and western pleasure champion COUNTESS OF LASMA (x *SILWARA by DARGEE), 1968 Canadian Top Ten Gelding and park champion COUNT OF COMAR (x RAFLEYMAZ by AZRAFF), 1965 U.S. Top Ten Mare FOUR WINDS MAJA ((x AL-MARAH RAWA by INDRAFF), 1964 Canadian Top Ten Mare and East Coast Champion Park GLENEAYRE KATRINKA (x GLENEAYRE AFIA by INDRAFF). *COUNT DORSAZ sired 8 National winners in performance, They are: 1975 U.S. Reserve National Champion Western Pleasure and 1974 Region 15 Top Five Mare AL-MARAH COUNTESS MINE++ (x *THORAYYA by RISSALIX), 1979 U.S. National Champion Sidesaddle and 1980 U.S. Top Ten Western Pleasure AOTR AL-MARAH COUNTESS RENOIR++ (x AL-MARAH SENORITA by AL-MARAH INDRAFF), 1981 Canadian Top Ten Sidesaddle and Region 12 Top Five Stallion and 1975 East Coast Champion English Pleasure AOTR and 1976 East Coast Champion English Pleasure AOTR AL-MARAH COUNT PINE+/ (whose dam AL-MARAH THRICE MINE is by INDRAFF out of *THORAYYA), 1978 U.S. Top Ten Park (at age 15!) AL-MARAH COUNT VICTOR (x AL-MARAH LIBDI, by INDRAFF out of the Polish import *LASSA), 1970 U.S. Top Ten English Pleasure and Pleasure Driving and halter reserve champion COUNT HAMZAH (x TWIN LAKES SPARKLING DIAMOND by *ROYAL DIAMOND), 1969 U.S. Top Ten Park and 1973 Region 8 Top Five Stallion COUNT BRASADA++ (x AL-MARAH GAZELLE by INDRAFF), 1969 U.S. Top Ten Park and Formal Driving and 1967 and 1968 Region 7 Reserve Champion Mare AMYR DOREEN++ (x RENA by ZAB), and Formal Driving and Formal Combination SEAHORSE DUKE DORSAZ (x TWIN LAKES MERMAID by INDRAFF). One *COUNT DORSAZ offspring had National titles in both halter and performance: AMYRS GRAND COUNT (x ZAREE by ZAB), a 1965 U.S. Top Five Futurity Stallion and 1969 U.S. Top Ten English Pleasure winner.

*COUNT DORSAZ get have produced very well with National winners on three continents. In North America, 8 *COUNT DORSAZ sons have sired National winners and 11 *COUNT DORSAZ daughters have produced National winners.

Interestingly, seven of the eight *COUNT DORSAZ sons with North American National winners are out of *RAFFLES granddaughters. All of these are out of Al-Marah bred mares. The only National winner siring *COUNT DORSAZ son not out of a *RAFFLES granddaughter was the British bred COUNT MANILLA, already mentioned as the sire of multi-National winner *RALVON SUNDOWNER++ (himself sire of 1981 U.S. Top Ten Western Pleasure JOTR Sundown Sutari+). Six *COUNT DORSAZ sons have sired one National winner each. They are: COUNT MANILLA, COUNT BAZY++ (sire of twice U.S. Top Ten English Pleasure AOTR AL-MARAH MT FALCON++), 1970 Region 8 Reserve Champion Western Pleasure and Top Five English Pleasure AL-MARAH NELSON (sire of 1976 U.S. Top Ten Park AOTR PAX), AL-MARAH KHALA COUNT (sire of 1983 Canadian Top Ten Native Costume MARY DEE KHALOBA), 1968 East Coast Champion Park and Top Five Stallion AL-MARAH COUNT GARVIN++ (sire of 1977 U.S. Top Five Futurity Mare LH BILLY JEAN), and 1977 East Coast Reserve Champion Western Pleasure and 1976 and 1977 Region 15 Top Five Stallion AMYRS COUNT COMET (sire of 1988 U.S. Top Ten Hunter AMYR COMODOR). One *COUNT DORSAZ son has sired two National winners. Canadian Top Ten Stallion AL-MARAH RAHCOUNT is the sire of 1976 Canadian Reserve National Champion Trail RAHCOUNTORO+++ and 1977 Canadian Top Ten Trail AFALHI KAZON. The top siring son of *COUNT DORSAZ in number of National winners sired is halter champion and Region 7 Top Five English Pleasure AL-MARAH COUNT RAFLA. He has sired 3 Nationals winners, two of them National Champions in performance: 1983 Canadian Top Ten Gelding EMIR EL SHEMS++, 1987 U.S. Reserve National Champion Hunter Pleasure and Top Ten Show Hack AM SPANISH BAYONET, and 1984 and 1987 U.S. Reserve National Champion Trail AL-MARAH CATNIP+.

*COUNT DORSAZ daughters have been fine broodmares, producing champions by a wide variety of sires from Polish, Egyptian, Crabbet and American lines. Seven of his daughters have produced one National winner each. PERIHAN BINT DORSAZ (x AL-MARAH RABIA) is the dam of 1976 U.S. Top Ten Western Pleasure and National winner sire VANITYS COUNT++ (by *SILVER VANITY), AL-MARAH SOLA MIA, a park champion (x *THORAYYA) was the dam of 1984 U.S. Reserve National Champion Native Costume BL MAJESTIC GOLD+ (also by *SILVER VANITY). AL-MARAH KEEN COUNTESS (x AL-MARAH MAE QUEEN by *ROYAL DIAMOND) produced two champions by the straight Egyptian DALUL, including 1978 U.S. Top Ten Futurity Mare GEORGIA PEACH. COUNTESS FAWZIA (x FAWZIA by the Davenport sire ANTEZ) also produced a National winner by a straight Egyptian stallion  Р1983 U.S. and Canadian National Champion Western Pleasure AOTR and U.S Reserve National Champion Western Pleasure OUR CLEOPATRA (by SHAIKH AL BADI). SEAHORSE PRINCESS DORSAZ (x AL-MARAH AJAJIRA) produced 1973 U.S. Top Ten Gelding PRINCE DIAMOND++ (by the pure Crabbet SERAJ++). JORDANS COUNTESS DORZANA (x STARRDANA) produced 1980 Canadian Top Ten Trail COUNT DORZAN (by IBN JORDAN). U.S. Top Ten Park and Formal Driving AMYR DOREEN++ (x RENA) has produced 4 champions, including the double *COUNT DORSAZ grandson AMYR COMODOR (by AMYR COUNTS COMET), a 1988 U.S. Top ten Hunter.

Four *COUNT DORSAZ daughters have produced 2 National winners each. His imported daughter *PRINCESS ZI has already been mentioned as the dam of 2 National winners. U.S. Top Ten Mare COUNTESS OF LASMA (x *SILWARA) produced 6 champions including 1967 Canadian Top Ten Mare and park and native costume reserve champion BASQUINE and 1971 U.S. Reserve National Champion English Pleasure and halter champion CONTESSA-B+++, both by the Polish import *BASK++. U.S. Top Ten Mare FOUR WINDS MAJA (x AL-MARAH RAWA) is the dam of 5 champions including 1969 U.S. Top Five Futurity Mare Four Winds Fashion (by SYNBAD++) and 1978 Canadian Reserve National Champion English Pleasure and U.S. Top Ten English Pleasure and halter champion FOUR WINDS SMOKE (by the pure Polish FOUR WINDS FLAG). Her son ARISTO MAGNUM has been named Israeli Reserve National Champion Stallion. Perhaps *COUNT DORSAZ’s most famous broodmare daughter is AL-MARAH COUNTESS SPARKLE (x AL-MARAH SHUAYLA), dam of 7 champions including 1976 U.S. National Champion English Pleasure AOTR HERITAGE ACLAT++ (by FADI) and 1975 U.S. National Champion Mare HERITAGE DESIREE (by EL MAGATO).

*COUNT DORSAZ’s heritage can be seen in many of the finest Arabians living today. Al-Marah stands several of his sons, including National winner AL-MARAH COUNT PINE+, and his son AL-MARAH COUNT FAST+ (a multi-regional performance winner) is one of his last sons at stud out of an imported Crabbet mare (*SILVER DIAMOND). *COUNT DORSAZ’s last foal crop arrived in 1972 and he lived to grace Al-Marah’s pastures until 1976, when he passed to greener pastures at age 31. *COUNT DORSAZ’s legacy of motion and beauty will be with us as long as there are Arabians.

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