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Irex – An Appreciation

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By Margaret Greely

** Originally published in 1957 AHS News.

Irex died on April 28th, 1955, aged 28, yet already he is a legend in the Arab world. An ‘Irex head’ has become a phrase to express perfection; to measure excellence; to sum up all that is meant by ‘classic beauty’.

Irex was bred at Crabbet Park, sired by the magnificent Naseem out of that lovely mare Rissla, from whom he inherited his golden-chestnut color.

While yet young he went to Mrs. E.M. Carroll’s well-known Stud in Tipperary. Someone who knew him in those early years described his head as having ‘ the finest bone structre, and a rare flower-like beauty.’

Mrs. Armstrong-Jones bought Irex in the early years of the war and he spent some time in Wales before coming to Sussex, to his owner’s stud at Coombe Place, near Offham.

In 1950, Irex went to Mr. K.W. Cumming’s stud, also in Sussex, where he spent the remaining years of his happy life.

His stock from every type of mare have markedly beautiful heads.

Farhan, Champurrado, Tamam, Rishadi, Greatheart, Alexus, Iridos, are among his many handosme purebred sons. His last son, foaled in the year he died, and fittingly named Ibn Irex, is one of the biggest he ever sired, standing over 15 hands.

Many horses have achieved fame as champions in the show ring; as winners of endurance tests, on in competition with their fellows. Irex spent the best years of his life in comparative obscurity due to the exigencies of war, yet his name will rank as high as any, not only because of his unique beauty, but because he was able to transmit those qualities of beauty and character to his offspring.

He died as he had lived, in the last joyous Springtime of his life.

(Irex shown above at the top of page as the header/article photo, at the first post-war show)

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